The Secret Way Celebrities Whiten Their Teeth.

One of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood has finally been revealed!!!

The Reveal

The Entertainment Industry is buzzing after the best-kept secret in show business has been divulged. Recently released in the financial records of a failed “B” movie studio Cannon Films, an obscure line item for “dental appliance” was revealed.  

This so-called “Dental Appliance” turned out to be the holy grail of teeth whitening. Quickly, safely, and cheaply, turning the problem grins of its stars into 1000 MegaWatt Smiles.

This unique appliance was kept a closely held secret by the costume designers and makeup artists in the largest studios in Hollywood UNTIL NOW…  Dozens of A-list Actors and Actresses trusted their million dollar smiles to this Safe, Quick, and Effective method for years, and now you can too!

My Smile Teeth Whitening, once only available in dental offices, and movie sets has been revealed to the public for the first time with incredible demand. For years the exclusive method of the film industry for brilliantly white teeth has been kept hidden from the general public, the curtain has been pulled back and the secret revealed.

Nick Leesong

The Fallout

My Smile Teeth Whitening Kit provides a safe, cost-effective,  and pain-free solution to yellow, dingy, discolored, teeth. Used three times a week before normal brushing leaves teeth feeling fresh, clean, and whiter than they have ever been.

Hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest stars trust this method over going to a dental office where they could be photographed by Paparazzi or ratted out by the people who work there.The BIGGEST names in entertainment have used this technique in secret for years. Only now have the REAL reasons for their safe, fast, and guaranteed results been clear.  MySmiles Home Teeth Whitening Kit.